Industrial companies needs effective warning solutions

Industrial companies needs effective warning solutions

Industrial safety requires effective emergency communication

Industrial safety primarily entails preventative measures for risk reduction, albeit knowing you can never cover 100% of all possible scenarios. Following unforeseen events, it is about reducing the danger and extent of damage by the events that still occur.

Our solution is crafted with a background in trained and practiced experience within emergency response alerts and communication. TeamAlert is made to help you in the events that still occur. When something happens, all experience shows it is critical to alert early, as well as setting a crisis team as quickly as possible.

This can be a big challenge, whether you are a part of a large and established organization with access to both dedicated personnel and an emergency network, or in smaller organizations where both personnel and equipment is scarce.

TeamAlert is designed specifically to solve these challenges. Loud alert sound ensures anyone will notice the alarms no matter when they are sent, or where they are received. 2-way dialogue facilitates getting a quick response from everyone, and simplifies information sharing at all times. Access to different escalation levels provides proper communication, and makes the crisis manager’s job easier when time is of the essence. If you need to talk together on the move, a built-in phone conference gets you in touch in seconds.

Easy to use and easy to understand, TeamAlert is painless to introduce in an organization. Anyone with a standard iPhone or Android can use it, as we base the functionality on established commercial technology. This helps you implement the system quickly, without having to touch any of your organization’s systems, to all or a selected set of employees. Reach all your employees, target specific teams, or target a specific location to alert employees currently within the area. The solution is flexible and can be customized for your organization with desired features.

TeamAlert is not only an emergency alert system for an emergency response team or for summoning teams in crises. It is also an EHS-tool which makes it easier for employees to alert others when they experience a threat or need emergency help in any way.

With the feature “SOS”, they can ask for urgent help and share their position with colleagues while waiting for EMS. “Missions” can be started by employees before starting a dangerous task or entering an area without cell- or Wi-Fi-reception. If they fail to check in when the mission is supposed to be over, a list of colleagues is notified with the last known position, so that they can send assistance. Employees can also activate “Track Me” to share their movements with selected colleagues when they need the security of someone knowing where they are. In addition, you can predefine alerts and trigger them from physical buttons which can be attached to clothing, as a part of the employees’ uniforms or equipment. They could experience threats from the environment or other people, being trapped or having a heart attack, and get urgent assistance with the single touch of a button.

By using TeamAlert, we can guarantee a shorter response time in serious incidents. We can also guarantee that you will easily be able to involve more employees in the industrial safety work, while also providing them with increased safety in their workplace.

TeamAlert is developed in Norway, with 20 years of experience from emergency preparedness work and alerts in organizations across the world. TeamAlert is a secure tool which makes communication easy and safe in a critical event, where all your employees’ contact data and teams are kept separate from your organization’s IT systems, for example in the event of a cyberattack.

We hope you take your time to get to know TeamAlert. The solution has proved itself within an array of different sectors, including schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, municipal emergency preparedness, media, rescue teams, oil industry, food production, retail, scientific research, and IT industry. The response is great. It is simple and precisely fulfills its intention of simplifying fast communication in an initial phase of a critical event.