Case study: Drammen - Schools and kindergartens

Case study: Drammen - Schools and kindergartens

TeamAlert is used by several municipalities, which have seen the need for better alert services as part of the fire and terror contingency plan in schools and kindergartens.

This is how TeamAlert works
TeamAlert is app-based, enabling all staff in schools and kindergartens to send out an SOS alert to their colleagues when a particularly threatening situation arises. The notification can be sent from private mobile, work mobile or tablet. 
During a notification, everyone who is entered into the notification system of the school or kindergarten will receive a loud alarm. The alarm overrides the silent mode on the phone and allows you to quickly initiate the emergency plan that follows the alert in question. 
Time can save lives in a critical situation, so it is very important that employees get the alarm triggered even if the phone is in silent mode.

Effective implementation of measures
As a rule, it is either evacuation to a safe place or barricade in the form of locking entrances to the room you are in, which will be the appropriate measure. Good plans for this are available in most schools and kindergartens today. 
What has been missing, however, is a tool for sending out the alarm and sharing critical information during an alarm situation, to provide a better decision basis for "what is best to do for me and my children / students?". TeamAlert solves this in a simple and effective way.

More crisis management features
In addition, TeamAlert also provides other crisis management features. Especially relevant for schools and kindergartens are the built-in functions for displaying position and conference call with groups. 
Here, a registered user can choose to share their position with other employees. This is relevant, for example, if you are traveling with a group of children and an accident occurs and without knowing exactly where you are, but need help with where you are. 
telephone conference with relevant key people will also improve decision making for those involved and help resolve the situation in an appropriate and effective way.

The regulations are clear
The mobile-based alert system TeamAlert has been used as a result of the municipalities' need to have an effective channel for preparedness for critical events such as terror and ongoing shootings. The municipalities are also required to have procedures and equipment for handling accident and danger situations, through regulations on environmental health protection. The use of Team Alert is also in line with the national emergency plan, which includes warning systems for various crisis scenarios to ensure the safety of children, students and staff.

Incomplete emergency procedures
Today, the situation is that several municipalities have good and well-established emergency preparedness routines for fire, but often lack routines and warning tools for many other threats. As the pattern of action and contingency plan of the employees is quite different in the event of terror and fire, the same alarm system cannot be used for these two different incidents.

New Drammen Municipality
TeamAlert is now rolled out at all municipal schools and kindergartens in the new Drammen Municipality. That is over 70 schools and kindergartens. This has been done in close collaboration with the municipal management, and in addition to providing thorough training to the principals and managers in kindergartens, all employees have also received a comprehensive digital introduction notification system TeamAlet and its functions. This has worked very well, and the solution has also been well received by all schools and kindergartens.